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3 Christmas Outfits Ideas 2019 To Copy ASAP!

Have you noticed how the older we get, the more we love Christmas? No?! Well, I have, and I do. What do we wear this Christmas? No matter who are you, what you do, how much of a fashion lover or an ignoramus you are - truth of the matter is the chances of you wearing clothes this Christmas are pretty close to 100%. Right? Therefore it' s safe to safe that Christmas Outfits is a thing even for the least clothes loving person out there.

Quite frankly why look like a slob when you can look like a Queen? Or like a cool slob, you know?

Okay… let' s be brief and to the topic: Christmas outfits always always always depend on where you' re going for Christmas dinner, and what you' re doing. If you' re home you' re probably not gonna drape yourself in sequins and wear sky high heels (unless you want to, which is fine). If you' re off to parents' - casual dinner–why bother with dressy over-the-top looks? If a great party awaits… well then you' re not gonna show up in flannel. It' s super easy, and if all else fails just wear something simple with a dash of red.


Hello cool-slob life. I am always either fancy or slob. There' s no in between for me and I love both equally. Nothing will ever beat a Christmas day spend home with my man chilling, having our own little party, cozy in cool pyjamas, and fluffy socks, sipping hot chocolate, wine and what not. It' s perfection.

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2. Casual Christmas Outfits

These are perfect for when you can' t be bothered, you' re not doing anything too fancy, you' re off to family dinner, or you just want to feel comfortable and look cute. You know like there' s no fashion police around, but you still don' t wanna look like a slob.

Your favourite jeans, leggings, paired with a Christmas sweater, or dressy sweatshirt. Wear red, wear Christmas inspired themes, add a cool scarf, hat, vest or big jacket, a pair of comfy boots and over the knee socks and you' re pretty much all covered up, literally and figuratively.

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 3. Dressy Christmas Outfits

These can range from super dressy to just a hint of fancy, which you can actually wear to a family dinner, something like a very pretty skirt paired with a Christmas sweater or a fitted turtleneck, and a pair of cute heels and you' re one Christmas knock-out.

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Finally, I hope you all are having a great holiday with your family and friends! Also if you' re looking for some last minute gifts, check out at the!